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Eurovision 2017 reviews: Big 5+Ukraine

After all the Russia drama ended and they eventually withdrew. If you missed my thoughts on the semi-finalists click here and here. Now it’s time for Ukraine (host country) alongside the “Big Five”. These are the countries that though they put the most money into the contest, not necessarily the best songs.

But this year is different; Italy is the hot favourite to win, France is a potential top 5 finish, anything can happen to the UK, Germany might finish last again, and Spain, well.

Here are the pre-qualified entrants for the 2017 Eurovision final:

I’ve liked all of the recent French entries (except that Continue reading “Eurovision 2017 reviews: Big 5+Ukraine”

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Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the semi-final 2 participants


Keeping up with my Eurovision reviews, this is my second semi-final where Russia competes, by the way. It seems Russia is competing with Yulia Samoylova, as they have filmed their postcard. And I can’t keep on waiting for the Ukrainian government’s decision, so I’m reviewing the second semi-final participants according to their running order.

The archetypal Eurovision diva song. That’s why I totally understand the appealing, then again the song has a boring tempo and lacks an exciting climax.

This is one has an early Ed Sheeran feeling. It is just a simple, happy-go-lucky song. Not very Continue reading “Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the semi-final 2 participants”

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Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the Semi-final 1 participants


Eurovision 2017 will kick off in 38 days. And there’s a lot of drama going on: Ukraine banned the Russian entrant, Verka Sarduchka is pissed, the EBU threatened Ukraine, the stage is still under construction, there’s a naked ape dancing, and of course Australia. Welcome to Eurovision 2017!

Let’s take a look at the songs from semi-final 1 in their running order:

I’m pretty sure the only reason this song won melodifestivalen was because of the treadmill. The song is just plain, it reminds me of “You Are the Only One”; good technical show, and pure muscles and nothing else.

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59th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the Rock and Alternative fields


The rock field is my favourite and the one I have more knowledge of (when it comes to artists and recordings) however it is the hardest to predict. This is mainly because the screening and voting process is constatntly changing. Last year nominees were reviewed by the committee of voting members. The result was that newer bands gathered nominations leaving veterans and chart-toppers behind. This is not the case for the 59th GRAMMYs, however only those with expertise on rock music will be able to vote in this field. Because of this we might see a resurgence of veteran rock Continue reading “59th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the Rock and Alternative fields”

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59th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the pop field


At last some of the most important submissions for the 59th GRAMMYs had been leaked giving us a refreshed view on the possible nominations.

And we begin with the pop field packed with the biggest hits of the year, dance club tunes, teen-pop realness and of course Adele. Some of the early contenders such as Coldplay, Paul Simon and the 1975 had been switched to rock whereas Lady Gaga did not submit anything, despite “Perfect Illusion” being eligible.

Here are the odds for the pop field. Songs are listed in order of likelihood of being nominated.

Best Pop Solo Performance Continue reading “59th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the pop field”

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59th GRAMMYs: End of submissions predictions


The nominations for the 59th Annual GRAMMYs are almost around the corner as the eligibility period ended on September 30th, meaning all records released after this date will have to compete in next year’s edition. And while we wait for the submissions’ list, let’s speculate on the possible contenders.

Who will get the most nominations?

Three artists are considered locks for the general field: Adele, Beyoncé, and Drake. Whether they achieve nominations in the three major categories (Album, Record and Song of the Year) remains to be seen but they all have a chance to grab 6+ nods.

Adele’s 25 was not as stellar Continue reading “59th GRAMMYs: End of submissions predictions”

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Twitter eurofans to choose Best Eurovision Song of All-Time

20130604_abba_460x260For eurofans the Eurovision Song Contest is never over, and when the real thing is not happening we come up with post-Eurovision games to cope with the absence of the contest for another year.

English eurofan @karljcompton launched a twitter competition to search for the best Eurovision entry ever by gathering a total of 100 jurors (two per each participating country) composed of eurofans from all over the world.

All of the fifty countries that still exist and had competed in Eurovision at least once are competing for the title. They were divided into two semi-finals, from which ten countries will qualify Continue reading “Twitter eurofans to choose Best Eurovision Song of All-Time”


#PanAmericanSong: The results!

After kuko3three weeks of voting, the final results of #PanAmericanSong are now here.

Between the semi-final and final there were a total of 223 votes cast. Thanks to everyone who voted! It was a good outcome. However for another edition I’d partner with other Eurovision-related blogs for something much more elaborated.

Here are the results:

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Top Ten: Best Venezuelan Bands

Juldia-de-la-independencia-venezuela_001y 5th is independence in Venezuela, my country of origin. And right now Venezuela is all over the news for all the wrong reasons but we are not going to talk about that. Today we are going to celebrate my country by giving you the ten Venezuelan bands and duos I consider the best.

Venezuela is geographically located in South America. However 80% of its population lives along the Caribbean coastline, therefore the music of choice is tropical. Some of the biggest names in this genre include Oscar D’León and Guaco. But this country is home to 30 million people and Continue reading “Top Ten: Best Venezuelan Bands”