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Eurovision 2017 reviews: Big 5+Ukraine

After all the Russia drama ended and they eventually withdrew. If you missed my thoughts on the semi-finalists click here and here. Now it’s time for Ukraine (host country) alongside the “Big Five”. These are the countries that though they put the most money into the contest, not necessarily the best songs.

But this year is different; Italy is the hot favourite to win, France is a potential top 5 finish, anything can happen to the UK, Germany might finish last again, and Spain, well.

Here are the pre-qualified entrants for the 2017 Eurovision final:

I’ve liked all of the recent French entries (except that Continue reading “Eurovision 2017 reviews: Big 5+Ukraine”

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Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the semi-final 2 participants


Keeping up with my Eurovision reviews, this is my second semi-final where Russia competes, by the way. It seems Russia is competing with Yulia Samoylova, as they have filmed their postcard. And I can’t keep on waiting for the Ukrainian government’s decision, so I’m reviewing the second semi-final participants according to their running order.

The archetypal Eurovision diva song. That’s why I totally understand the appealing, then again the song has a boring tempo and lacks an exciting climax.

This is one has an early Ed Sheeran feeling. It is just a simple, happy-go-lucky song. Not very Continue reading “Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the semi-final 2 participants”

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Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the Semi-final 1 participants


Eurovision 2017 will kick off in 38 days. And there’s a lot of drama going on: Ukraine banned the Russian entrant, Verka Sarduchka is pissed, the EBU threatened Ukraine, the stage is still under construction, there’s a naked ape dancing, and of course Australia. Welcome to Eurovision 2017!

Let’s take a look at the songs from semi-final 1 in their running order:

I’m pretty sure the only reason this song won melodifestivalen was because of the treadmill. The song is just plain, it reminds me of “You Are the Only One”; good technical show, and pure muscles and nothing else.

Continue reading “Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the Semi-final 1 participants”

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EUROVISION 2016 Grand Final Review and Analysis


The LED screens, the holograms, feathery dresses, an historical mockumentary, Justin Timberlake’s interval act, and a new tension-filled voting system are what made the 2016 season of the Eurovision Song Contest, one of the most entertaining TV productions that you could ever experience. I had been watching the contest since 2003 and this war, by far, the best Eurovision show.

As you already know the rather-dark ethnic pop song “1944” by Ukraine’s Jamala won the competition. Without a catchy hook and a chorus in Crimean Tatar (the first time this language is heard on the Eurovision stage), “1944” is the least Eurovision-friendly song Continue reading “EUROVISION 2016 Grand Final Review and Analysis”

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EUROVISION 2016: Semi-final 2 Reviews and Analysis


The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 continued last night with the second semi-final that ultimately determined the last ten participants for Saturday’s grand finale. Prior to the broadcasting, this semi-final was considered weaker than the first. However, there seemed to be a much larger production in almost all of the competing entries.

Hosts Petra and Mans introduced the show by explaining “What is Eurovision?” through an easy-listening number greatly inspired on Oscars’ opening acts.

The ten finalists that will join Tuesday’s qualifiers and the Big 5+Sweden are (in order of announcement): Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Australia, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Israel, Lithuania and Belgium.

The shocking Continue reading “EUROVISION 2016: Semi-final 2 Reviews and Analysis”

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EUROVISION 2016: Semi-final 1 review and analysis


The 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest officially began last night with the first semi-final deciding the first ten acts that qualified for Saturday’s Grand Finale. As usual the Eurovision stage was filled with extravaganza, LED screens, 3D images, holograms, and the unmissable wind machine.

Overall, the first semi-final was undeniably a very entertaining show. SVT, the Swedish and host broadcaster, gave a twist to the live event by introducing comedy sketches similar to those found in British television productions.

I particularly loved the new way of displaying the participant’s number; the countries’ name were displayed in huge 90s video Continue reading “EUROVISION 2016: Semi-final 1 review and analysis”

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EUROVISION 2016: Thoughts on all 43 entrants (Part 2)

For some odd reason, the second semi-final usually features better songs and more diversity than the first. However, that is not happening this year. Let’s take a look at them:


There must be an interesting EDM scene in Latvia. Last year they were represented by their very own FKA twigs. This year is another alternative electropop song. The lyrics are very cheesy, though.


If we were in 2006 and we did not need intense visual stimulations, this song would had been a top five potential. Ten years later, this is just another guy who can sing and nothing else.


This is too downtempo and the lyrics are Continue reading “EUROVISION 2016: Thoughts on all 43 entrants (Part 2)”

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EUROVISION 2016: Thoughts on all 43 entrants (Part 1)

The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will begin in exactly  a month (May 10-14).  Now, for those of you who don’t know what Eurovision is, let me explain. Eurovision is an annual TV song competition organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) since 1956. The show attracts millions of viewers from all over the world (though it is not popular in North America at all). The participants are EBU members (i.e. United Kingdom’s BBC) that select a song to represent their country.

However the EBU is not exclusively European, and any country along the European Broadcasting Area (EBA), which covers parts of Northern Africa Continue reading “EUROVISION 2016: Thoughts on all 43 entrants (Part 1)”

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Post-Eurovision 2014: A look at jury voting

Austrian drag queen, Conchita Wurst, holding the trophy of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I was not able to make my annual reviews of the entries or the show in general. However, Eurovision 2014 is not yet ancient history and we will still discussing the festival for at least one more week.

The following is my own analysis of the jury voting. A closer look at transparency between the jurors from Western Europe and the ex-Soviet states.

Post-Eurovision 2014: A look at jury voting

For the first time ever, the EBU released a breakdown of the national jury voting. Not long ago it was believed that the 100% televoting system was politically-motivated. However, this year’s results had proven otherwise. In a handful of countries, the jury members are far more politically-motivated than the average… click here to read the rest of the article

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Eurovision 2014 it’s on its way

join-us-2014-eurovision-copenhagenThe Eurovision Song Contest 2014 season have started. For those interested, i’ll be publishing my reviews on the participating entries and the contest itself on MyEurovisionFamily profile. My first article of the year is now available:

Eurovision 2014: A quest for quality

As I have done in the past two years, my review for each of the participating entries will be preceded by a general overview to the quality of the songs battling the title for the… click here to read the rest of the article